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Organizing and decorating with feelings and art.... A party intends to honor the homaged. Taking care with tenderness of the details involves, besides technic knowledge, a great package of artistic sense, delicacy, creativity.

Preparing a party means turning dreams into reality, and because of this each party is a unique moment. It’s necessary to create and to adapt a lot of details to make a personalized party: it’s essential to create and recreate in each event.

Choosing and arranging with kindness flowers, colors, fabrics, dishes, menu... Everything needs to be in harmony to gladden the eyes and the heart of each guest and, of course, of the host.

By my vocation and passion, we start all the plannings through the flowers. According to Ikebana (oriental art of flower arrangements) Sanguetsu rules, the flowers must be arranged with harmony, joy and the most pure feelings in relation to the people that will appreciate the arrangements. We must prepare it as if we were painting a canvas and, through it, reproduce the beauty of nature. The composition of a floral arrangement is a way of propagation of the Beauty.

We start any planning of party decoration based on this ideas, to huge or cozy events.